About Us

The New Way to Success

Kinjal's Kreations is a brand new catering company for her to share everything she enjoys with anyone else who is interested. If you are interested in hiring Kinjal's Kreations please visit the contact page.


Everyone has a hobby or a passion in something that turns their frown into a captivating smile. Ever since Kinjal was a child, cooking and learning about food in every aspect has been “her time, her space.” As she grew older and got more experience, she realized that her kitchen had become her get away, but now she could use that to bring smiles to others. From everything observed and experimented, she creates her own vegetarian recipes which is majority from scratch

On her free time, you can find her running around in a kitchen with her apron on, mixing and matching ingredients that are just laying around. With a sprinkle here, dash there and pinch over there, she tries to create a variety of  unique dishes.