Quesadilla and a little more

Quesadilla and a little more

This is the go-to food in my house. My roommates and I seem to eat these multiple times a week: why?! Well it’s SO EASY AND QUICK & tastes pretty good too! When I first started making these, they pretty much consisted of just cheese and a whole lot of it too, but after making many, I’ve come up with quite the strategy and slightly healthier method as well. :)

Quesadillas are amazing because all you need is cheese, a tortilla and then whatever filling(s) you can imagine! You can all sorts of things to it; one tip though – sprinkle cheese first and last and it will stick together instead of falling apart!

One rather healthy filling we tend to add is spinach. We buy frozen spinach (it’s fairly cheap; especially when it’s on sale!) So I whip up a spinach mixture and keep in the fridge so its easy to use any time we want quesadillas! (or anything else with spinach on top for that matter)

So for the actual quesadilla this is how it goes

put a tortilla on a skillet pan (or a sautee pan or pretty much any pan that has a flat-ish bottom and the tortilla fits) start off with on the low setting (especially because it will take some time putting on all the ingredients and since I folded this in half, you don’t want both sides to brown before the cheese on the other side gets a chance to melt; we’ll be turning it up later)

I used refried beans so I added those first

(take the healthier route with black beans!) The refried just happened to be in the fridge, already open so I went with that.

Then sprinkle on 1/2 of the cheese (I use a mexican blend that’s found in the grocery store) on half of the tortilla

then some shredded lettuce and pizza sauce (or use salsa if you have it.)

then some spinach (recipe is below)

some hot sauce (I use Cholula)

top it off with the rest of the cheese

then fold it in half and turn up the heat to medium to get a golden brown color and once its achieved, go ahead and flip it (but carefully!)

(UGH; apparently the rest of my pictures have gone missing so I’ll upload them the next time I make these, which probably will be very soon :])

once the other side is a nice color too, flip it out on a plate and serve with sour cream and salsa if you have!

It will be golden brown and toasty! (I don’t use any oil or fat because that’s extra fat for me & who really wants extra fat in their diet!? but I still end up with a beautiful color and amazing crunch!)

So the amounts I used for this were:

1 tortilla

1 tablespoon of beans

4 tablespoons of cheese (total; so 2 for bottom & 2 for top)

1 leaf lettuce shredded (or just tear it with your fingers)

2 teaspoons of pizza sauce (or salsa)

1 tablespoon of spinach

& remember you can add whatever you want; once we had mushrooms so I satueed those up and added those too!

for the spinach you’ll need

1/4 cup of water

10 oz box of frozen spinach

3 teaspoons salt

1/2 tablespoon ground cumin

1/2 tablespoon ground coriander

(essentially 1 table spoon of dhana-jeeru)

1 teaspoon of paprika (this doesn’t really provide any heat; so add more if you want a kick or add in a teaspoon of cayenne as well)

Here’s the 10oz box of spinach straight out of the freezer:

Put the water in a small pan (put the heat on high) and let it boil; once you’ve got a boil, add the spinach

because its straight of the freezer it may take some time, but give it a few flips and scrape the top (which was the bottom) with a spoon (it should be loose because it was submerged in the hot water.) This way you can break down the frozen-ness and it can begin to cook.

Once it’s broken down (it will take about 7ish minutes) it will look like this:

and you can add in all the spices (salt, cumin, coriander and paprika) and mix it up and cook for another 2-3 minutes (or until almost all of the water has disappeared.)

Since you don’t use all of it in the above recipe; store in a container and put in the fridge and use on all sorts of things! Make sure you let the spinach cool completely before putting a lid on the container and putting it in the fridge

Enjoy! :)

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